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  Finding me... then finding my passion lead me here to this moment in my life. I am the owner and operator of JBella Holistic Haven. The simple thought back in 2004 that there has to be more to life then work, sleep, partying on the weekends. Life was just beige. I was unfulfilled with daily life. I knew I needed more in this life. The question that started it all was "How did our ancestors stay well before we had mainstream medical systems?" Looking back this is when this journey began it wasn't a straight path by no means. Then Quarantine came it was the first time I dropped out of survival mode. I could rest and during the rest I sought out healing. There was a transition in this healing a connection to the Earth. While healing the stories of those who came before me became clear. In this journey I realized I was not a participate in my life more like leaf being blown around in the wind. In taking control of my life and loving myself I found herbalism. I could not get enough of all the ways Mother Gaia supports us in being well. I'm still in awe of this beautiful place we get to experience and everything that is here for us! 

I went from energy sucking soulless jobs to creating my own space in this world. I now grow my own herbs as well as food. I get to wake up every day and create herbal blends of all kinds. Yes, this is a business however I mostly do it because I love it! 

If you are in search of something not on my site, please email me! Part of my purpose here is to assist others with their wellness. I would be happy to create a blend just for you! That can be a tea blend, tincture, bath blend, oil blend, herbal liniment, sage free smudge blend for your spiritual practices. 

   Gratitude and Blessings 

Welcome to JBella Holistic Haven 

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