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Incense and Things

Smudging is a powerful tool for purifying and cleansing a space. Here at JBella Holistic Haven we offer a range of products for your smudging practices. Our selection includes scented incense, charcoal tabs, sage-free herb blends, and various amber resins. All of these products are carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality. Smudging can be used for many purposes, such as clearing negative energy, inviting positive energy, and cleansing a space.

Hiking Path in Forest

What Is  Smudging?

Smudging is a spiritual practice that has been used for centuries across many cultures, including African, Native American, and Chinese. It is the practice of burning sacred herbs to purify and clear the atmosphere and bring in positive energy. Historically, smudging has been used as a way to ward off negative energy, attract positive energy, and create a safe and sacred space for healing and meditation. It is also believed to help with physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. The smoke from smudging is believed to carry the prayers of the person smudging up to the heavens.

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