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Updated: Feb 20

One thing I enjoy is creating herbal smoke blends. Mullein is included in most of the blends I create for smoke blends. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Harmonizes Your Respiratory System

Mullein, a cooling herb, counteracts the heating effects of smoke on your respiratory system. It maintains a moisture balance in your lungs, promoting a sense of equilibrium during smoking.

2. Sustains Hydration

Combat the notorious cottonmouth associated with smoking cannabis. Mullein, when added to your blend, prevents excessive dryness by supporting saliva production, ensuring a more comfortable smoking experience.

3. Enhances Breathing

Enjoy the calming effects of smoking mullein, as it relaxes your airways. This not only facilitates slower, deeper breaths but also alleviates nervous tension. Feel the difference in your breathing pattern as mullein encourages a downward flow of breath.

4. Smooths Your Smoking Experience

Integrate mullein seamlessly into your blend without compromising flavor. Its subtle presence ensures a smoother smoke, enhancing the overall satisfaction of your smoking ritual. Your lungs will appreciate the added smoothness.

Try Our Evening Meditation Smoke Blend to experience mullein.

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