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Herbal Tooth Powder

Herbal Tooth Powder

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1 Ounce

Herbal tooth powder offers a natural solution for cleaning teeth and gums, harnessing the power of nature's ingredients. Bentonite clay, upon contact with bacteria and toxins in the mouth, absorbs them effectively, while simultaneously infusing minerals into the oral environment. This process aids in the gradual re-mineralization of teeth, promoting their strength and health over time.

Chamomile powder serves as an anti-inflammatory agent, providing relief from oral discomfort and exhibiting pain-relieving properties. Additionally, it helps to soothe various oral issues, contributing to overall oral wellness.

Xylitol, a natural sweetener, plays a crucial role in oral health by preventing bacteria from adhering to teeth surfaces and balancing the pH level in the mouth. By introducing essential minerals into the oral cavity, this combination of ingredients offers significant benefits:

1. Strengthening teeth: The re-mineralization process facilitated by bentonite clay enhances the strength and resilience of teeth.

2. Fighting harmful bacteria: Bentonite clay's ability to absorb toxins and bacteria, combined with xylitol's anti-bacterial properties, helps combat oral pathogens, promoting a healthier oral environment.

3. Reducing and preventing sensitivity: Chamomile powder's anti-inflammatory properties soothe oral tissues, alleviating sensitivity and preventing its recurrence.

4. Protecting gums from decay and infection: The combined action of bentonite clay, chamomile powder, and xylitol helps protect gums from decay and infection, promoting overall gum health.

Incorporating herbal tooth powder into your oral hygiene routine offers a natural and effective way to maintain optimal oral health, providing essential minerals, combating harmful bacteria, and promoting overall oral well-being.

  • No refunds on herbal products.

  • How to use

    Simply wet your toothbrush and dip into the power proceed to brush your teeth as normal.

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